iPay-Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Go to "More" tab in the bottom of the screen > Go to "My Accounts" > Enter PIN > Select the "+" button at the bottom of the screen > Select your Bank > Confirm availability of SMS facility and enter Account details > Press on "Add Account. You will receive a SMS notifying the deduction of a random amount. This amount will be credited back to you. Enter amount and verify account. You are now ready for the iPay experience!
All accounts at Banks and Finance Institutions connected to LankaClear's JustPay network can be associated with iPay. As at now the institutions connected to the JustPay network are LOLC Finance PLC, Bank of Ceylon, Commercial Bank PLC, Hatton National Bank, Peoples Bank, Nations Trust Bank, Cargills Bank, Sampath Bank PLC, Pan Asia Bank Ltd, Commercial Leasing and Finance PLC.
The bank account has to be from a Bank or Finance Institution connected to LankaClear's JustPay network and SMS banking facility should be activated for Online Transactions.
If you are unable to associate your bank account on iPay, please contact your bank and request them to activate necessary settings required to be accessed by the JustPay network.
"Display Name" is the name you wish the account to be displayed to you on the iPay application. For example - My Savings Acc, Salary Account
When added as a "Favourite", iPay will remember your payment information and entering the information will be unnecessary in the future when you want to make a payment. It makes payments easier and faster.
It is a name that helps you identify the Bill/ fund transfer account easily on the iPay app. For example - My Mobile, Home Internet, My Credit Card
If selected, the recipient of the fund transfer will receive a SMS alert when the fund transfer is completed.

To register as an iPay merchant, you can visit your nearest LOLC Finance branch or you can initiate the registration by visiting https://ipay.lk/ipayMerchantApp/login
Proof of bank account such as Account book or Account Statement. Merchants NIC card or Business Registration Certificate.
No you do not require a LOLC Savings Account. You can become an iPay merchant by using a bank account from any Sri Lankan bank.
If you have a LOLC Finance Account you will receive payments instantly. If your bank account is not a LOLC Finance Account, then you will receive the payment as per iPay Terms and Conditions.
No a basic feature phone is sufficient to operate as an iPay merchant.
You will receive a SMS from iPay. If you are using a smartphone, you can also view payments received using the iPay mobile app.
iPay will charge a fee per transaction as per the Merchant agreement signed up with iPay. Details on Transaction fees will be shared at the time of signing the iPay Merchant agreement.